Модерен минималистичен вентилатор на тавана светлина Crystal декоративно LED дистанционно управление, осветление на спалня вентилатор лампа 220V / 110В

В наличност

Етикети: за кухненска лампа, фен ceil, полилеи вентилатори печки, lamparas techo, Лампа дракон 3d, плафониери модерни, лампа, дриблира, led плафон тавана, тенекеджия плафониери.

    89.20лв. 127.44лв.
  • Тип На Ключа: дистанционно управление
  • Начин На Управление: дистанционно управление
  • Базов Тип: Клин
  • Тип Елемент: Вентилатори
  • Завърши: НЯМА
  • Гаранция: 3 години
  • Дали Диммируемым: No
  • Стил: Модерен
  • Източник На Захранване: AC
  • Източник На Светлина: Led лампи
  • Произход: CN(произход)
  • Номер На Модела: DX2010128222
  • Документ: ROHS
  • търговска марка: Дар
  • Характеристики: Модерен минималистичен вентилатор на тавана light
  • Материал На Корпуса: Алуминий
  • Това Е Лампа Са Включени: ДА

"85/5000 The lamp looks very good and the design is beautiful, but I am always worried about the quality or the object is not so beautiful, I bought this lamp with half a doubt, the result is very satisfied, the feeling is better than the products I bought in other stores, the customer service is also very timely, will come next time. Hee hee"
"After placing the order, I wanted to change it temporarily. Fortunately, the merchant did not ship the item, and the merchant responded in time to me. When I received it, I didn’t feel as good-looking as I thought, but at least it was exquisite. Until I finished the installation, it successfully saved its residence. The lighting effect is really good. I like it very much. My husband who often opposes my consumption is also there. Keep the same view with me on this point. The goods are perfect and the service is good, so it's worth it! !"
"Size is smaller than think Daytime brightness third step in detail adjustable Night vision dual step Remote control your cooking pan is forward reverse, is supported Fan century is 6th stage support Flashlight fan timer dual 시간 2nd 시간 support Noise is almost no look also."
Andre Simone2020-11-12
"I am very satisfied with the last order, this installation will take a while to take pictures"

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